A word about me.


I grew up in a nurturing family filled with laughter, hard work, loving parents, and farm animals—which I love. My parents had a vision to transform their 27 acres from a rundown house, outbuildings, and rickety fences, into a beautiful homestead. It was an amazing experience to grow up watching them follow this dream.

My mom encouraged my creativity, while the drive to pursue my own ideas and dreams comes from my dad. My mom ensured my sisters and I were surrounded with beauty and pointed out the aesthetics in things like interesting old buildings, cute houses, beautiful yards, and all that was pretty around us.

My dad was the hardest working person I knew growing up. He had lots of passion and more ideas than he could ever accomplish. He continuously made us laugh and found ways to turn even the hardest work around the farm into a fun-filled afternoon. My dad even made going to the dump an adventure.

It's probably no surprise to learn that, having grown up in this small community in southeastern Washington, I have always been a country mouse.

I love the city but quickly feel overwhelmed, and I’m always happy to come back to my hometown of Walla Walla. It’s a beautiful agricultural and wine town nestled in a valley at the foot of the Blue Mountains and blanketed with rolling wheat fields and vineyards.

I continue to find inspiration in the beauty of the region and the charm of our historic downtown, which is filled with good restaurants, wine-tasting rooms, and a strong culture for the arts.


I use a range of styles that allow me to create in the moment.


Currently my drawings and paintings are colorful and energetic but since art is a personal journey, I don't anticipate they will always stay that way. I’ve learned I do my best work when I allow for exploration and change and when I invite creativity to flow freely. When I am able to avoid overthinking, creations emerge almost magically—often to my own surprise.

To follow my journey on the road to being a working artist, stop by my blog. Maybe you will find that we have something in common!